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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Strategy

Real estate will eventually be our goal to move into, but in order for us to wisely invest in it, we will need a substantial sum of money.
We will not take part in any risky "no money down" deals; we will not take part in any real estate speculation. We will conservatively save money for a down payment, and we will only buy property when we have sufficient cash reserves saved for emergencies in the property; we will never, under any circumstance, include appreciation of property value into our formula for becoming wealthy. It is not guaranteed, and we do not have a crystal ball. We are not speculators. If it comes, so much the better, and we will utilize it, but if it does not, our plan works still.

This website is for those of us who are becoming wealthy starting from scratch; it is for those of us who have less than $10,000, or even less than $100. For us, we will make a budget first, we will save money, and we will invest in the stock market. Stocks are cheap enough that we can purchase them now - real estate will have to wait. So, to wisely invest in stock, we must adopt certain principles:

We will never try to "guess" a company's future based off of opinions of "experts" - we will buy based on facts. We will not try to predict the future - we are not speculators. We will not buy and sell - we are not traders; we are investors. We understand that the market prices things inaccurately sometimes, and we will buy when we get a good deal. We will be sure that we have plenty of room for error; in the case that we are wrong, we will have a cushion to absorb the impact, protecting us from loss.

To do this, we will study stock investment. But before we do that, we must attend to the first step in our plan: creating a budget.........

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