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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Building Wealth the Real Way

This website is for those of us who want to make money, for real. This is not for those who want to get rich quickly or easily. This is for those of us who realize that building real, long term wealth is a painstaking process involving a tremendous amount of work and study. We are willing to do this work.

Our philosophy is best explained by an analogy. Surrounded by us everywhere are advertisements on how to lose weight. The magical answer to weight loss could be a pill, a special diet, a surgical operation, or any number of various things. These things all sell because everyone wants the easy way out; however, everyone knows deep down that there is no easy way. The only way is to eat less and exercise more. That means you will have to resist food often, have to work out when you do not want to, and that you will be uncomfortable and hungry most of the time.

We view building wealth as a process similar to the one above. There is no seminar which can show you "the way." There is no easy trick. There are no shortcuts. The only way to attain wealth is to be frugal, study, invest conservatively, and be patient. This means we will have to forego eating at restaurants many times, or we have to sit at home, bored, with nothing to do, so we can save money. This means we will appear to others as poor and incompetent, for we do not partake in many pleasures that others do, because we cannot afford it. We will not be able to take vacations as often as others, and if we are single, we will not be able to impress others with fun, costly activities. We will appear to be poor.

But, we will be rich thereafter. We will be free from work, and we will be free to do what we wish, when we wish, and how we wish.

This means we have a common mindset. We know that delaying our gratification will result in reward beyond what we imagined possible. We know that we are doing the right thing. We know that we will become capable and independent, and we know that we will not worry about our finances. We know that, if we are to have a family, we will be able to take care of them. We will be able to spend time with them, for we are not owned by our boss.

Our time will be ours. Our life will be ours. We will not be pawns in somebody else's game. We will not be a gear in a machine cranking out cash for somebody else. We will be building our own cash machines. We are money-makers.

Here we are honest. We have no shame in talking about how much money we have, or how much we are saving. If we have under $100 dollars, we will be open about it. This website is for others like us, and we will not judge each other. Most of us have had nothing once before, so we understand. This is a place for people with unquestionable integrity. Together we will create money, and together we will achieve freedom.

If you find yourself with a mindset similar to that described above, then this website is for you. This community is starting small, but we will grow into a large one. This is a place where others like us can come to learn, network, and find refuge from a world full of get-rich-quick con artists.


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