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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books to Read

There are hundreds of books to read which tell you how to make money. Most of them are garbage. Most are gimmicky-type books full of nothing of substance and are marketed heavily. However, through trial and error and research, I have come unto two circles of books, one for real estate investment and one for stock investment, which I believe are books of true substance; these books are the books that all followers of this website, if the are wise, will master. The list is as follows:

Stock Investment:
- Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham
- The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
- Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Phil Fisher
- The Theory of Investment Value by John Burr Williams

Real Estate Investment:
- How I Turned $1,000 into Five Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time by William Nickerson
- Landlording by Leigh Robinson
- Real Estate Exchange and Acquisition Techniques by William Tappan
- Streetwise Investing in Rental Housing by H. Roger Neal

These books are all of substance, and all teach what we consider to be sound investment strategies.

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