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Monday, April 27, 2009

New Direction

I have come to the conclusion that Security Analysis will have to wait.
The amount of money I will be able to invest is only a very insignificant amount if I am to work the jobs that I am qualified for (unskilled labor, restaurants, etc.).

So, first thing's first. I need a bigger salary. This way, I'll be able to live comfortably and also save/invest substantial amounts of money. Currently, I'm only able to live in a near-poverty like state and save/invest insignificant amounts. I will also never qualify for a mortgage loan off the salary I earn now, because I'll never be able to afford the monthly payments. So, to get a bigger salary, I can go to technical school and get a labor job, get a college degree and find a job, or the route I have decided on - acquiring a financial certification. I am studying for my ChFC license - it is the equivalent of the CFP but does not require a college degree.

I am taking these courses through the American College, and I have my first of eight examinations this Friday.

Rather than continuing to learn security analysis while I do this, I think it best to put it down for a while. I believe that focusing my efforts on one thing will lead me to success versus spreading my efforts out over a few things. We will go back to Security Analysis once I have a salary large enough to afford considerable stock investment.

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